Annual Programs, Cultural and Spiritual Journeys

The Edmonton Aboriginal Seniors Centre offers a wide number of annual programs as well as cultural, spiritual and community outings, field trips and journeys throughout the year. We celebrate Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving and Halloween to name a few with dances, feasts and other celebratory activities. Alongside of these celebrations we travel to sites to pick and harvest sweet grass, sage and berries in the spring to late fall as well as  spiritual trips to Lac Ste Ann and the, the Drumheller Passion Play. We also make an annual Banff trip for leisure, and actively participate in cultural trips to powwows, round dances, traditional ceremonies and feasts, Metis festivities, and educational excursions. EASC is proud of our ongoing commitment to community and we participate and are actively involved in events such as Seniors Week, Grand Parents Week, National Aboriginal Day, Canada Day, Farm Fair, community “Jam” sessions, rodeos, and we have actively begun collaborations with other Aboriginal agencies to provide new and innovative ways of participating in community.


The Centre puts out a monthly newsletter that goes out to all the members, some Aboriginal organizations, and community groups. The newsletter is a joint effort of all staff. An important part of the newsletter is the calendar of events. It informs the membership of what will be taking place for that particular month.